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A selection of photos by Expeditions Alaska owner and professional photographer, Carl Donohue.





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Expeditions Alaska: Photo Galleries

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous" -- Aristotle.

With her inexhaustible spirit, nature holds limitless reserves of strengths and inspiration for all of us. Time spent in the wilderness, where man has not rearranged the beauty of the earth, yields the human soul an invaluable connection; one that we must treasure and fight to preserve. Henry David Thoreau wrote "in wildness is the preservation of the world", but I believe President Theodore Roosevelt's immortal words are more relevant today than ever before -- "Leave it as it is".


Like any artist's body of work, this presentation represents my enduring pursuit of creativity. As I continue to realize the marvels of nature and represent my vision of nature's world through my photography, I will update and add to my gallery - Check back soon, and thank you for visiting." -- Carl Donohue, Expeditions Alaska.


These photographs consist of trips I've taken, often in the remote backcountry, sometimes from my own backyard; grand landscapes from the Rockies and wilds of Alaska, wildlife and bird portraits, and more intimate closeups revealing the awesome detail of nature all around us. In my images I strive to portray that which best represents my experience with the world around me; sometimes as it is, sometimes as I wish it were. The more we work together to preserve and respect the natural world, the sooner we appreciate that we and our environment are as much a part of each other as we are separate entities, the better off we'll all be, particularly those who come along in the future. These galleries represent my passionate and tenacious longing for the wilderness, to find my counterpart in the physical domain of nature. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did making them.


The "Eye of the Beholder" pages present images of wildlife and landscapes in a less conventional form. I'm constantly working towards furthering my stock lists, and improving my portfolio. These images are all of wild subjects, in their natural environment. Each photo is available for stock use, and photographic prints, screensavers, note cards or calendars are also available. To order any of these pictures, or for complete stock photo lists, .


This gallery of images is a collection of photographs taken by Carl Donohue. All images on this site remain the property of Carl Donohue Photography, and are fully protected by federal and international copyright laws. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, and any reproduction copying, manipulation, alteration, saving or distribution of these images will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All images are available for licensed use; to do so, please contact Carl at carl at or phone # 770. 952 4549. Thank you.