Alaska Photo Tours

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    Expeditions Alaska photo tours and photography workshops offer a great opportunity for folks to bring home some unique images. Carl Donohue, Expeditions Alaska owner, photographer and guide, leads these exciting Alaska photo tours and they’re a great way for you to experience some of the best nature has to offer.

    Alaska Photo Tours

    I aim to put you in the right place at the right time on these photo tours.

    Experience matters. I’ve been photographing these places and subjects years now. Every year that experience grows.

    We’ll learn as we go. The opportunities are infinite.

    Photography Workshops

    The focus here is instruction. Get your learning on. I’ll teach you to take control of your photography. Your understanding of photography will improve. I promise.

    Coming in 2024 I’ll be running the following Alaska photo tours.

    What The People Say

    All the Way
    I’ve done a half dozen trips with Expeditions Alaska. Grizzly and Polar Bear trips. I recommend them without hesitation. Absolutely unbelievable experiences.
    10/10 recommend working with this company!
    Carl is nothing short of an absolute professional. We recently returned home from his grizzlies in the fall trip. The trip was one of the most magical experiences of my entire life. The food prepared by Christie was fantastic. I hope to go on another trip in the future.
    Photographers Katmai National Park Alaska.
    Chelsea H
    1 Trip with EA
    Carl is awesome!
    Carl is really easygoing but always willing to help or do whatever is necessary for his guests. He doesn't force his knowledge on you but he is willing to share what he knows. Carl knows his craft and knows how to take care of people. He is very good at what he does.
    Photographing bald eagles, Alaska.
    Andy McD
    1 trip with EA

    Polar Bear Photo Tour

    Nanuq. Ursus maritimus.

    A unique and fantastic opportunity to see and photograph the great polar bear of the arctic.

    The massive ice bear of the north. Wonderfully animated. Gorgeously curious.

    Join us this fall.

    Polar Bear Photo Tour  →

    Alaska photo tours Polar bear on ice, ANWR, Alaska.

    Bald Eagle Photo Tour

    Alaska Photo Tours Photo of Bald eagle in flight, Alaska.

    Haines, Alaska. The greatest gathering of bald eagles in the world.

    The famous Chilkat Eagle Preserve comes alive this November. 3000 bald eagles congregate along the Chilkat River to feed on a late run of salmon.

    The end of November is when it all happens.

    Come see our Bald Eagle Photo Tour  →

    Aurora Borealis Photo Tour

    Winter’s Coming.

    Few phenomena surpass the aurora borealis for sheer splendor. The magical dance of the northern lights are a treat to photograph.

    Alaska’s winter dreams shimmer overhead.

    Look at the Aurora Borealis Photo Tour  →

    Alaska photo tours, Northern lights photo tour, aurora borealis, Alaska.

    Alaska Landscapes Photo Tour

    Alaska Photo Tours, Landscapes photo tours Chitistone Pass at Sunset, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

    Wild. Wildness. Wilderness.

    Skolai Pass in Wrangell – St. Elias National Park. 6 nights in the backcountry. Photograph some of the most spectacular mountain country in North America.

    Your photography is the primary aim of this trip.

    Take the Hike with me.

    Alaska Landscapes Photo Tour  →

    Alaska Brown Bears Photo Tour

    Real. Remote. Remarkable.

    The Great Bears.

    Katmai National Park hosts our weeklong expedition. Our privately chartered boat explores the Coast of Alaska. We visit Hallo Bay, Geographic Harbor, Kukak Bay and more.

    Photograph harbor seals, sea otter, bald eagles, brown bears. Wolves are a possibility. Myriad species of pelagic bird. The volcanoes of the Alaska Peninsula.

    Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Photo Tour  →

    Alaska photo tour Coastal brown bear photo tour Katmai National Park, Alaska.

    Grizzlies in the Fall Photo Tour

    Alaska Photo Tour grizzly bear photo tour Male brown bear photo, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

    Katmai National Park and Preserve. The greatest place in the world to photograph these magnificent animals.

    There’s no better time than the fall to photograph them. The bears in their prime. Tourists are gone. Wondrous fall color.

    An amazing experience.

    One week of focused grizzly bear photography in that most of beautiful of settings. Katmai.

    There’s simply no other bear photo tour like it.

    Fat Bears in the Fall Photo Tour  →

    Grizzlies in the Mist

    The Katmai Coast.

    Brown bears gorge on coastal salmon runs here. It’s wild, remote and inaccessible country. We charter a plane then a boat then a skiff just to get to our camp.

    Very, very few people come here. But the bears do. They love it.

    So do we.

    And so will you.

    Grizzlies In The Mist Photo Tour  →

    brown bear female standing in a river.

    Bears of Summer

    Brown bear fishing for salmon.

    Salmon + Brown Bears = Photography fun.

    Katmai National Park. A remote wilderness setting.

    The Bristol bay sockeye salmon run is one of the greatest salmon runs in the world. And we’ll be in the middle of it.

    We’ll also have bears, bears and more bears to photograph.

    Take a look.

    Brown Bears of Summer Photo Tour  →

    Expeditions Alaska
    Visit the wild