MEET Trevor

Trevor Boley, guide
Trevor Boley

“Bid the years goodbye, you cannot still them,
You cannot turn the circles of the sun,
And you cannot count the miles until you feel them.” –Townes Van Zandt, “Snowin’ On Raton”

Troubadourian Trekking

After the glee of a beautiful childhood in a still remote West, I rebelled against my parents’ ways (both were Outward Bound Instructors) and moved from Idaho to New York City and LA for eight years where I worked in film and theater. I still have the rabble, speed, and dreams of that urban experience in me.

Soon after quitting my first chance at a Hollywood job at FOX studios (I lasted one day), I returned to my roots, much to the chagrin of my ma and pops, and began earning my keep by guiding and living in the outdoors. For the past six years I’ve lived in Lander, Wyoming where I’ve been putting up long granite routes in the Wind River Range with my brother. I love everything about a wilderness trip: the planning of both food and gear, the simplicity of the daily rhythm nature lends you, the problem solving, the physical activity, and the joy of coming home with a revived perspective on life. I like to climb, work with animals, fish, hunt, ski, float, discuss life, and make absurd jokes.

Regardless of fitness or experience, everyone knows what a long day feels like. I see a lot of my job as softening those long days. Warm meals, delicious deserts, good conversations, and catching a glimpse of this beautiful world usually take the sting out of a slap to the face from Mother Nature. Other than that, I’m here to enjoy your company in a spectacular place and to keep you warm, safe, and happy when harsh conditions arise.

When I’m not outside, I’m usually cooking, picking old country/blues songs on my guitar, or trying to write a sci-fi/fantasy series.

I can tell you anything you want to know about llamas, but prepare to be shocked and maybe disturbed.

I look forward to spending time with you all in Alaska,


Expeditions Alaska backpacking guide Trevor Boley hiking.

Trails of Trevor

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” Mark Twain

How it Goes


BA in Film and Writing from Sarah Lawrence College
Wilderness Therapy Instructor for three years
Llama packer and guide in the Wind River Range for six years
Dog musher and handler
Raised by a bunch of crusty, unruly mountain guides.


WFR since 2015
Level 1 AIRE Avalanche Cert

Favorite Trip?

I have gone four times to put up big wall first ascents in Cochamó, Chile. Besides the fantastic climbing, the vulnerable and ancient ecosystem of this place have captivated me for years. Some of the Alerce trees, relatives of the Red Wood, are 2000 years old and covered in rare flowers. The bamboo grows so thick you often can’t see through the stuff and the dense canopy above often makes you think its late evening when it’s really noon. The world’s smallest deer and smallest wild cat also live there!

Least Favorite Backcountry Meal

Sardines and Cous-cous. I used to love sardines until my friend purchased the cheapest batch available at a supermarket in Chile. They were our last good bunch of protein and they were lemon-lime flavored. Into some cous-cous they went. That first bite was my last bite of sardines I’d ever eat. It was like bad fish cooked in Sprite.

Watch for

“Are we there yet?”

Beware the fit-watch you wear, another’s will say something different; and don’t take my response personally if you ask me how far we have left to hike and you’re wearing one.

About Trevor ...

Carl Says

Trevor comes to Expeditions Alaska with wealth of experience and backcountry skills. I’m stoked he’s a part of the crew.

Trevor came to work with me after working a healthy mix of adventure and leadership roles, and an array of experience. Canyoneering, rock-climbing, backpacking and canoeing round out a nice flow for wilderness adventure.

He’s worked in both dog mushing and llama packtrips in wildest regions of Wyoming as well.

Trevor has worked with Rhane over the years and comes with big wraps for our head guide. And anyone who plays mandolin is already a leader in my book.