Lake Clark National Park

Heart of the Alaska Range

The Dena’ina Athabaskan people lived in the Lake Clark National Park area for centuries. Tens of centuries in fact. Their name for the region is the far more beautiful Qizhjeh Vena, meaning “a place where people gathered”.

What a perfect name for such a spot.

There is every reason to gather in the area. A region rich in wildlife and lush plantlike made for a bountiful time for hunter gatherer people. It’s also a great location for those of us today looking for an Alaska wilderness adventure and wild experience.

Snow-capped peaks towering over 10 000’ high, alpine lakes as blue as blue can be, rolling tundra ridges and subalpine passes make this the home of some awesome Expeditions.


Rhane led a custom trip to Lake Clark National Park in 2017 and came back stoked. So stoked, that we’ve made this a regular trip. In 2022 we’re going again, backpacking to Twin Lakes. Price is $2900ea, departing and returning from/to Anchorage.

We’ll hike, depending on your fitness, Telaquana to Twin Lakes via the upper or the lower route. 4-6 days. Classic Alaska backpacking trip.

Info about Lake Clark.



We’re offering a basecamp, day hike and packraft trip to Lake Clark this year.

Fly in, set up a camp, and explore.

Hike up high, paddle the lake, hike along the shore, and really experience the wilderness of the Alaska Peninsula.

4 days. Easy. $2600.00
7 Days. Mild. $3100.00


Rhane guided the Telaquana to Twin Lakes backpacking trip in 2017 and loved every second of it. So the obvious thing to do is do it again. And again. And again.

We’ll be running this trip as available in 2020. A classic route in Lake Clark National Park, it’s a good fit for inexperienced hikers with good fitness looking for a great Alaska adventure.

4-6 days. Moderate. $2900.00 per person.

Lake Clark Backpacking Trips


Trips leave out of Anchorage. You’ll overnight in Anchorage the night prior to our trip departure date (not included). We’ll pick you up and head to the airport. Load the bush plane and head for the backcountry.

Return is the same. A bush plane will pick us up, fly us back to Anchorage, and we’ll drop you off at your hotel. Overnight not included.

We can either completely outfit the trip for you (food, tents, all gear except your personal items and sleeping gear), or do select which items you need.

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