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    In 2002 I started Expeditions Alaska offering guided backpacking, hiking trips, rafting and sea kayaking trips. I also started running photo tours around Alaska.

    A solo operation, I guided all the trips by myself. Small groups work well in the backcountry. The nature of those types of experiences forges strong relationships between the myself and the group, between group member and also between individuals and the place itself.

    We visit some truly astonishing places and people came to really value and enjoy those memorable experiences.

    Gradually things got busier and busier. In 2012 I started working with several local Alaska backpacking guides to help run trips when I was already booked and unavailable. The result is that I now have a few guides I work with. Some help out once a year, some guide all season long.

    These folks know their stuff. I mean, really know their stuff. Good people and I’m proud that they all want to work with me again. And again.

    Say G’day to a wonderful set of people.


    ” .. professionally run guide service in terms of preparedness, safety, and respect for the wilderness; and one helluva lot of fun.” — Russell Jacobs, Pasadena, CA.

    Expeditions Alaska guide service client Russell J

    “My trip with Expeditions Alaska in Wrangell St. Elias National Park was an absolutely phenomenal experience. .. “ — Rob Boal, San Francisco, CA.

    Expeditions Alaska guide service client Rob B

    ” .. a top-notch guide (and person) with a highly contagious enthusiasm for the rugged Alaskan wilderness.” – Steve New, PA.

    Expeditions Alaska guide service client Steve N

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