MEET Christie

Christie Conway, Expeditions Alaska backpacking guide.
Christie Conway

“Play it safe and make cautious and conservative decisions. The mountains/waters will be there another day.”

The Story

This will be my first summer with Expeditions Alaska and I couldn’t be more excited! Alaska is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to experience it with you. I have been an outdoor educator and guide for the past 7 summers in Alaska, Montana, Maine, and New Hampshire. Backpacking is my favorite, closely followed by canoe trips. In the winters I have cooked for off-the-grid huts in Maine, been an xc-ski guide, and most recently completed my 4th winter as a children’s ski instructor at Big Sky. I like staying active in beautiful places with awesome people (and getting paid for it)!

At Appalachian State University I majored in classical oboe performance, so when I wasn’t in the practice room I was hiking around the Blue Ridge Parkway or backpacking short sections of the Appalachian Trail. Post-college I worked as an interpretive guide, environmental educator, & backcountry instructor in New Hampshire & Maine where I taught folks about the natural world and how to safely play in it. It was so fun, satisfying, and rewarding that I wanted to do it forever!

Similarly in Montana, I guided teens on 2-3 week trips all over the state. Finally I made it to Alaska, where I sea kayaked around Aialik Bay, exploring every rocky beach and glacier that I could paddle to. Best summer ever. I ended last summer with a trip to Denali, where I had my first on-trail grizzly bear sighting (it was safe and exciting)!

I then returned to the lower 48 and had an epic 3-month solo road trip chasing fall colors from Glacier National Park all the way down to the Grand Canyon. I had an incredible time exploring the desert, photographing the night sky, and checking off 9 new National Parks.

Through education and exploration of wild places we develop understanding and appreciation. Once we understand and appreciate how special the place is, it leads us to protection and conservation.

I look forward to seeing you this summer. I will be here for you as we embark on what will be an amazing expedition!

Everybody Loves Christie

Christie and she made this trip absolutely amazing
She balanced all of our disparate food and activity preferences, had excellent knowledge and curiosity about the plants and wildlife we were seeing, kept the brain teasers coming, and helped us all feel at home in the backcountry ... nothing short of inspiring!
Justin's Family in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
Justin M

Turquoise lake Basecamp & Nizina Lake Basecamp

2 trips
Christie was our guide and she was phenomenal! … Our guide, Christie, made sure we were safe while having an epic adventure and most of all, she made it so much fun!
Backpackers at Proeneke's cabin, Lake Clark National Park.
Lauren M

Turquoise to Twin Backpacking Trip

1 trip
Thank you Christie for an unforgetable trip!!! GIRL POWER!!
I had the BEST time with my guide Christie! She wanted me to have a great experience and boy did I! She is also a professional outdoor chef. Homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade pizza, bean burritos - what Christie could make with some pots and a backpacking stove!
Backpacking Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

50 Shades of Blue

1 trip
Expeditions Alaska guide Christie Conway

Enjoying The Wild!

“There is one word of advice and caution to be given those intending to visit Alaska . . . If you are old, go by all means, but if you are young, wait. The scenery of Alaska is much grander than anything else of its kind in the world, and it is not wise to dull one’s capacity for enjoyment by seeing the finest first.” –Henry Gannett

The Rundown

My Thing

Here’s my thing—I believe the outdoors is for everybody! Whether it’s your first time backpacking or you’re a seasoned explorer… setting off on an adventure will offer you: physical & mental challenges you will grow from, stunning views you will gawk at, spur deep conversations with your teammates, create unforgettable memories, disconnect you from the screens and stressors of daily life, and reconnect you with yourself. All while living simply in the wilderness. (it’s the BEST)


ACA Sea Kayak Level 2 Instructor
PSIA Child Specialist 1
Swiftwater Rescue
Mental Health, First Aid
LNT trainer
PSIA Level 1
Registered Maine Guide
ACA Canoe Level 2 Instructor
Wilderness First Responder
Certified Interpretive Guide, ServSafe

On Guiding

Being a guide: You have to wear multiple hats while guiding—navigator, cook, nurse, supporter, instructor, planner, friend, leader, entertainer, listener, etc. While out in the field I am able to seamlessly switch hats or wear multiple hats at the same time depending on the situation. It’s all about awareness.


What makes you happy? Teaching others backcountry skills that they can take with them on their own adventures. And especially empowering women to explore the outdoors on their own!

My Superpower

Due to my background with youth, I have a deep pool of patience and a knack for helping folks process new or uncomfortable experiences and building confidence along the way.

About Christie

Carl Says

Christie has such a diverse and interesing background, I’m super looking forward to having her part of our crew. She has a long professional resume, a wealth of experience in all the right fields, and brings a mix of skills to these trips.

Her passion for guiding, for the outdoors, and for Alaska is abundant, and wonderfully clear. She’s got mad skills in the water, in the camp kitchen and with people.

Christie’s going to be awesome.


Christie IS awesome!

2 seasons later and I can comfortably tell you Christie is one of the hardest working backcountry guides I’ve worked with. She’s attentive and learns well, and always interested in what really makes a trip work well. Your experience matters to her, enormously, and she busts her tail to make that happen.

Every. Single. Time.

I’m glad she calls Expeditions Alaska home.