Anchorage Alaska

    Anchorage can be a fun city. Most Expeditions Alaska guests are not looking to spend a lot of time in town and I’ve kept that in mind for this page. If you’d like more info look at the Links page.

    Places to Stay

    This is a tough one because different people are looking for (sometimes) very different experiences. I’ve run trips where the first client I picked up was at the Sheraton Hotel and the next one was a backpacker hostel for $40/night. And both were perfectly happy with their choices.

    If you don’t have a car, some of the BnBs and similar places can be a pit of a pain for you to get to restaurants and so on. Downtown is very walkable though. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of 2nd —15th st its easy enough. It you’re in the midtown area near northern lights – south to tudor there are a number of walkable places as well. Just bear that in mind if you’re not planning on renting a vehicle in Anchorage.

    A number of guests have recently started using Air BnB for their stay, as they’re really just looking for a bed for the night before/after the trip. Everyone I know who used the service here has been happy with it.

    Similarly for places to eat .. food choices can be so subjective it’s impossible to really make a recommendation. I’ll list a couple of choices that I like.

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