Guest Gallery

A new addition to the website.

Group photos from various different trips over the years. We haven’t really organized these in any order, and will add to them over time as folks send in photos.

So enjoy this ever-growing collage of images from some of our guests.

Icy Bay Sea Kayaking Trip

Kent Galen

Rhane took this family and another guest out on an extraordinary expedition in Icy Bay. They paddled the length and breadth of the bay, and explored every nook and cranny of the area. saw the sights and even got to see the northern lights over Mt St. Elias. Can’t tell you how jealous I am about that one!!! Icy Bay Sea Kayaking trip, 2017.

7 Pass Route

With Tejas and friends

Tejas Shetty and friends on the 7 Pass Route. Guided by Jules Hanna. I (Carl) was actually guiding another group headed in the opposite direction (on our way to Tebay Lakes) and passed these guys along the route. Fun trips.

Tejas’ flickr page is here.

Bald Eagles

Bob Rottenberg

I had a blast shooting eagles with Bob this year. Super fun guy to hang out with, and he made some great photos as well. We had a nice year, good snow and lots of eagles in great conditions. Good company, good fun, good shooting and loads of fun.

Evan Guengerich

Evan sent me a bunch of awesome photos. Good photographer. We had a great time down at Haines shooting together. It’s often hard to narrow these collections down to just a few. If I uploaded everything folks send in the page would overload!

Arrigetch Peaks

Brad Rogers

Brad’s first trip with Expeditions Alaska to the Arrigetch Peaks and Gates of the Arctic National Park. 12 days hiking and packrafting and exploring this magnificent region. We had a mix of weather, from snow and drizzle and clear and sunny. Fun times, fun group of people with lots of interesting adventure and good times. I learned a lot on this trip.

7 Pass & Southern Traverse

More from Brad

In 2017 Brad came back for a big trip. A really big trip. We backpacked the 7 Pass Route and the Southern Traverse together. Starting at Iceberg Lake we backpacked to Bremner and on to Tebay Lakes. This was a big adventure, and we had a number of big moments. The biggest of all was seeing a wolverine.

More Southern Traverse

Kris Lieckens

Kris hiked the Southern Traverse with me a number of years ago. This was a really great hike, we had a super fit bunch of hikers, folks from various parts of the world, and I had blast. This route is a favorite of mine for sure, and Kris got some really nice images.

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