Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks is a nice little town.

Fairbanks got its start back in 1902 when gold was discovered just north of the area. The resulting boom created the second largest city in Alaska.

For most folks visiting this website Fairbanks is more of a stopover than a destination so I’ll keep things simple here. I’ll also include a couple of handy links for you if you’re looking for more info.

Places to eat and places to stay are tough to make recommendations. People have different budgets and different needs and different ideas for what will work well for them and what will not. So these are just a couple I’ll throw out to get you started.

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General Info

Places to Eat

I like the Pumphouse, Geraldo’s, Lavelle’s Bistro, Lemongrass Thai Cuisine, Silver Gulch Brewing & Bottling (out of town a few miles), Great Harvest Bread Co and Cold Stone Ice Creamery. Google will get you there.

Trips Starting in Fairbanks

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