MEET Rachel

Rachel T in the mtns.
Rachel Taylor

“Alaska is either in your blood or it isn’t. If you come for one trip and never leave, I can tell you something about your blood type.”

The story

Outdoor pursuits started for me kayaking and hiking where I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. I started to grow my passion for instructing outdoors at The Ohio State University where I became the climbing center manager and took people on climbing, backpacking, kayaking trips etc.

After graduating with a BS in environmental science, my passion brought me to Seward Alaska. Here I spent 6 summers and a winter guiding sea kayaking and glacier hiking for Adventure 60 North. I especially loved the multiday sea kayaking trips in Northwestern and Aialik Bay as well as taking helicopters to Bear Glacier Lagoon for paddling. I also volunteered in Seward at the Fire Department (closest thing to a search and rescue in the area).

Winters when I wasn’t in Seward you could find me guiding on glaciers in New Zealand, in SE Asia rock climbing, skiing and ice climbing in Montana, delivering sailboats, being a part of the first ever team to paddle across approaching first ascents climbing in the Bass Strait, and December packraft descents in the Grand Canyon. I have been living out of a converted ambulance chasing climbing, snowboarding, biking, sailing, and packrafting pursuits while in the lower 48 for the last few winters.

The last two summers I took a hiatus from guiding in order to fulfill some of my own dreams in Alaska and Canada and bump my wilderness skills to the next level!

Summer 2019 I attempted to replicate a sailing trip i took down the Inside Passage, this time I would be hitch hiking sail boats in exchange for watch duties/chores on board. (Don’t tell my mom)  I learned a lot more about boat repair, and enjoyed getting creative cooking fish in a multitude of ways in small galleys. This trip allowed me to paddle, hike, climb and explore some pretty incredible parts of Alaska and BC.

Last summer, I didn’t guide, instead I worked on a gillnetter for about a month and then headed for the hills. Frothing on packrafting! I hiked my boat to over 20 unique Alaskan rivers, then took it down south to check some off in Montana, Utah, and Arizona.  A few of my favorite trips I did last summer: Lakina Traverse, Gravel Creek, Caribou Creek, Kashwitina, Willow, Chickaloon, Dadina, Copper, 6 mile creek, Wells Creek, Troublesome Creek, Granite Creek, Nenana.
I love trips with BIG views!

Post covid vaccination, I’m incredibly excited to share these places with you! I love these wild places and am endlessly driven and inspired to go further and see more.


Our guide, Rachel, was magnificent - super competent, brilliant, and inspiring. She met all of our needs and anticipated what we would like. We felt totally safe with her and very well taken care of.”
Guided Alaska Sea kayak trip parked on shore with Mt. St. Elias, Icy Bay, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska.
Alan C

Icy Bay Sea Kayaking

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska
A well-trained and knowledgeable guide
Rachel has Character, empathy, interest in us and who we are, knowledge about all kinds of outdoor activities&wildlife&nature, brilliant cook, great explorer, nature and wilderness lover.”
Brooks Mountains and Northern Traverse trekking trip, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska.
Anne M

Northern Traverse

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska
Rachel was AWESOME and a great guide-leader-human being
Knowledgeable and I felt safe in her hands. She is an amazing athlete, looked after us, managed the group dynamics well, gave of herself to make sure we had a good time. Just an all around great person. She was encouraging of me when I was discouraged I could not meet the physical demand of the trip
Arrigetch Peaks testimonial pic.
Amy D

Arrigetch Peaks & Alatna River Packraft

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska
Rachel T and the high wire.

The Balance of Life

“Trips to get you out of your comfort zone and learn about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it.”

The Scoop

A Few Hard Skills

WFR since 2012
Crevasse//high angle Rescue
Swift Water Rescue
AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (“)
Backcountry Chef
Pun Connoisseur

Ice Travels

Glacier; “glay-see-err”, ghiacciaio, rivers of ice, no matter what you call them, they are sure to inspire!

I’ve learned the hard way by spending time climbing in the mountains that we are all a part of geologic time,  but it is glaciers that truly convince me. I’m fascinated by geology, but find many of it’s timelines incomprehensible.  Glaciers provide relief (topographically, get it?) from that phenomenon.  Through observations of their geomorphology and beauty,  the power of these frozen rivers is impossible to ignore!

Prepare yourself for the glacial nerding out that will ensue if we get the chance to adventure around ice together!

What I bring to your trip

We all have our own reasons for seeking out these wild places. I’m excited to learn what drives and motivates you! If you adventure with me, comfort zones will be expanded, life long memories created (which most likely center around well deserved, delicious meals with breath taking views) inside jokes made (“wait, I thought these trips were outside?”) and connections shared – connections between people as well as planet!

How we make it work

We are in this together! I pride myself as a guide in bending over backwards (possibly a result of 10 years of competitive gymnastics) in order to cultivate an environment that suits the clients’ needs!


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African proverb 

About Rachel

Carl Says

I’m super keen to have Rachel on board with us. Our newest guide, Rachel is a great reminder for me of the importance of bringing in new people, new ideas, energy, creativity and passion.

Both Jule and Rhane both told me “Carl, you have to bring her on board, she’s awesome”.

So how do we start? A 14 day scouting trip in the Brooks Range walking and packrafting through some of the most remote terrain in the country. There’s not much she can’t do.

Her experience and expertise in the field is something I’m proud to have a part of our crew.

3 years later and Rachel gets better and better. She simply lives Alaska backcountry. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about safety, decision-making processes, gear, people, food and the wilderness.

Rachel is the bomb.