Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Photos

“The line between use and misuse, between objectification and celebration, is fine indeed.”

~ Gary Snyder, “Practice of the Wild”.


  • Home to no known introduced species.
  • Features 18 major rivers, including 3 designated Wild and Scenic Rivers.
  • Hosts the greatest variety of plant and animal life in any conservation area in the circumpolar north.
  • Two major caribou herds–the Porcupine and Central Arctic caribou–annually birth on the coastal plain.

ANWR preserves a unique wilderness landscape: infinite caribou herds, polar bears, grizzly bears, muskox, wolves, dall sheep, wolverines and migratory birds in the tens of thousands live here. Amazingly diverse, within the refuge’s boundaries are 5 different ecological regions, coastal marine, coastal plain tundra, alpine tundra, transitional forest/tundra and boreal forest habitats.

There are no roads in the Refuge. 19 million acres of protected land. First granted federal protections in 1960, the Refuge has been expanded over the years as advocates have shown US Congress how vital the totality of this region is; the largest intact single landscape in the country.

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