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Jared MartinExpeditions Alaska backpacking guide
Jared Martin

“They call me leftover man. Never have to bury or carry leftovers in bear country when I’m around.”



Jared Martin, Expeditions Alaska backpacking and paddle guide

Jared's Philosophy

Community is a triangulation of people and a place. Each person connecting to another, to a place, and to others in place and through place.

All About Me

I’ve lived on the tropical beaches of Maui, paddled the Kuna Yala in Panama, hiked the Sierra Nevada and visited the temple in Jerusalem. But I found my sacred home here in Alaska.

My journey began in Oakland CA. Through the public school and transit systems I learned to navigate wild harsh environments and find connections with people in unexpected places. As my hair and beard have grown I’ve taken these skills from the concrete jungle into the wild places of Alaska.

I began my guiding career kayaking the Prince William Sound with clients; exploring the glaciers and fjords, discovering whales and amazing sea life around every point.

My fellow guides nicknamed me “Grandma of the Valdez Glacier” which reflects my risk management philosophy pretty well.

Safety is my number one priority. Besides that I love reading landscapes for deep history and meaning, cooking up something unexpected, and secret socks.

Sharing wilderness and wildness with others is my passion and joy. I’ve learned so much from my clients through the years and look forward to sharing and learning together with you on the next adventure.

How awesome is Jared?

Guide extraordinaire!
Jared and EA delivered on every part of that throughout the entire expedition. Jared was knowledgeable, prepared, personable, and most importantly patient, as we traversed 100+ miles of river in one of America's last true wildernesses. Can't say enough good things about EA and Jared”"
Packrafting Gates of the Arctic National Park
Jonathan R

Arrigetch Peaks & Alatna River Packraft

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska
Absolutely stunning trip, with a great guide!
Jared was our guide. Trip was well planned, communication was great. Once we got on the river Jared was super knowledgeable, prepared, and always looking out for the group. The food was top notch! We were lucky enough to see a Grizzly and a moose.
Packrafting Gates of the Arctic National Park
Jason C

Beyond the Gates

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska
A super impressive and excellent guide!
great personality and social perception; he knows when to check in on someone and how the group is feeling. Really knows Alaska. An excellent cook - we ate better than I ever have in the backcountry, cornbread, chili, ramen, cheesecake, pad Thai, and even sautéed mushrooms. Easygoing and a great guy
Backpacking Seven Pass route in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
Chase A

Seven Pass Route

1 Trip with Expeditions Alaska

The Rundown


WFR since 2015
ACA Level 1/2 Sea Kayak Instructor
NPS Chainsaw Certified Working Faller

Focus in the Field

Stay together
Learn the flowers
Go light

~ Gary Snyder

On Time ...

Geologic time includes right now. This is something another client once said to me while we watched a glacier calve. So often we are disconnected from the epochs and grand scales of this planet, but glaciers are so dynamic and incredible that we can experience geologic time scales within in our minute lifespans. This right here is why I guide. To feel small and connected is a beautiful thing.

Client Quotes

“I don’t want to be the kind of person who walks around and doesn’t understand what’s beneath my feet.”

~ My favorite client ever.

Carl Says

Jared first worked for us in 2018, and we’re all excited he’s coming back to Expeditions Alaska after a few years doing his thing.

Another guide who came to us recommended by other guides. This I’m lucky to have folks working with us who care so much about this company that they constantly bring better and better people into the fold.

Safety and experience are his focus. You’ll have a grand trip with Jared.

Jared is one of my favorite people and one of my favorite guides. Rock steady, super solid and he always just seems to know what’s what. Guiding is largely working well with people, and making good decisions in the field. Jared has both those skillsets by the dozen.

He’ll very likely be our Guide of the Year next year. He’s just superduper awesome.