Mike briseno taking it all in
Mike Briseno

“It is my goal as an educator and guide to help clients build a connection to place through positive experiences while leading with intention, empathy, and compassion.”

How’d Mike end up working with Expeditions Alaska?

“Carl, I don’t hike in the rain bro.”



Mike B for bringing it


My philosophy on wilderness expeditions and guiding is built upon intention. With intention everything we do; where we travel, when we travel, where we camp, how we conduct ourselves in bear country etc; is not without forethought. Intention keeps our clothes dry, our camps dialed, and our impact minimal. Intention will get you back to the van. And the van is warm and dry.

What The People Say

"Mike Briseno Rocked my World
Knowledgeable, passionate, good natured. Candid in his safety talk, didn't sugar coat but also didn't fear monger. Mike, was top notch. Great guide, great person. The food, prep, company, hike, and sights were all incredible.
Backpacking the Goat Trail
Amanda T
1 Trip with EA
Mike and Expeditions Alaska - safety was always first.
My wife and I did the Seven Pass trip with Mike and it was fantastic. Everything was handled seamlessly from the time we were picked up until the time we were dropped off… Mike was a great help along the way… Mike was very clear in his pre-trip briefings on everything from dangerous hiking situatio
Dan & Stacey backpacking the Wrangells
Dan & Stacey W
Mike is a crack skier, climber, hiker and wilderness educator
With a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the outdoors. I always felt confident in his trip leadership. ... Everything from pick-up, the bush flights and equipment rentals went smoothly. I really had a great time with Mike highly recommend EA for an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime.
Backpacking Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Seven Pass Route
Burt M

All About Me

I moved to Alaska from Texas in 2009. I have spent my time exploring and enjoying Alaska’s vast backcountry. I am an avid rock climber, ice climber, mixed climber, skier, and a passionate disc golfer.

I have a BA in outdoor studies and an MS in outdoor and environmental education from Alaska Pacific University. I have guided trips with clients since 2013 and have logged over a 100 professional weeks in the field.

Risk Management is core component of all the trips I lead.  I begin every expedition with risk management briefings to outline clear expectations for myself and clients. I finish with an in-depth discussion/ safety briefing of objective hazards we could encounter and my plan for mitigation.

I work to maintain open and clear lines of communication between myself and clients to ensure everyone  is enjoying themselves and feeling supported during challenging and strenuous moments.


I Care

First and foremost I am an educator and I want my clients to walk away with skills and techniques they can apply to other situations.


LNTMaster Educator,
Avalanche Level 1 & Avalanche Level 2,
National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor Course

Focus In The Field

My focus is education with a goal to create a common language to further our knowledge of the wild places around us. 

I'd really prefer ...

… to be in the mountains than typing out a bio.

Happiness is ...

Rock Climbing

Carl Says

Mike has worked with me for 3 summers now, though I’ve known him for quite a bit longer.

I met Mike through my friend and fellow EA guide, John Calder. Literally the very evening I met him, I knew I wanted him to be a part of our crew. He simply has a wonderful astute vision of wilderness, wilderness leadership and trip management. Mike’s also a total outdoor badass. He has a seemingly infinite array of superb skills in the mountains, and really, really good head on his shoulders.

Mike’s also something of a hifi guru. A bit nerdy, but he knows good hifi. That’s always commendable.

You’ll love having Mike lead your trip. Trust me.