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Grizzly bear feeding on Salmon, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

" What an incredible introduction to the Alaskan backcountry! Carl was an outstanding guide and host, whose knowledge and attachment to the landscape was extraordinarily evident, allowing me to develop a portfolio of the area that I couldn't be happier with!" -- Doug Roane, MT. More testimonials here -->

Alaska Photo Tours

Alaska Photography tours and workshops that offer a great opportunity for folks to bring home some unique images. Carl Donohue, Expeditions Alaska owner, photographer and guide, runs these exciting photo tours and they're a great way to experience some of the best nature has to offer.


Coming in 2015 & 2016 I'll be running these Alaska photo tours.


- The Aurora borealis photo tour, in March and April.

- A coastal wildlife and Alaska brown bear tour to Hallo Bay.

- A backpacking and basecamp trip to Skolai Pass, in Wrangell - St. Elias National Park and Preserve

- Katmai National Park and Preserve, home to the great Alaskan brown bear in all their majesty in striking fall colors.

- October takes us to the arctic and the home of the great polar bear, for a fantastic photo tour.

- Late October we'll visit the Brooks Range for a fall aurora borealis photo tour.

- November we go to Southeast Alaska for 2 weeks of bald eagle photo tours.


Read on for these trips and stay tuned as I add more photo tours to be announced soon.

See what makes my photo tours so special.


Alaska Polar Bear Photo Tour

Alaska Polar Bear Photo Tour

A unique and fantastic opportunity to see and photograph the great polar bear of the arctic, Nanuq; Ursus maritimus. This trip is awesome! The polar bears are incredibly photogenic, wonderfully animated, and simply an amazing creature to experience. This trip, I'm proud to say, is possibly one of the best polar bear photo tours going. The timing, the location, the duration, are all designed to maximise our photography. We concentrate on polar bears, not landscapes or other critters, and spend a full week with the bears. Shooting at eye level from the small boats provides a perspective not often seen with polar bear photography.


Alaska Aurora Borealis Photo Tour

Aurora borealis photo tour.This is a good year for the aurora, and 2014 promises to be an epic photo tour year indeed. Few phenomena ever surpass the aurora borealis for it's splendor. The opportunity to photograph the aurora borealis was excellent the last few years, with predictions of a 2nd peak, or very near peak, in the solar cycle for 2015. With a perfect central location in Fairbanks, Alaska, we'll be situated to get out and about as freely as possible to find clear skies and dramatic northern lights. Couple that with the potential for some gorgeous Alaska winter scenics, and this photo tour should be a treat for any serious photographer.


Bald eagles photo tour

Bald Eagle Photo Tour and Workshop


Join me in Haines, Alaska, for the greatest gathering of bald eagles in the world. The famous Chilkat Eagle Preserve comes alive in November when as many as 3000 bald eagles congregate along the Chilkat River to feed on a late run of salmon. The end of November is when it all happens, so be sure to look out for this tour.


Skolai Pass Alaska Landscape Photo Tour

Skolai Pass landsacpes photo tour.This one's a backpacking trip, though not a strenuous tour at all. We've been running this photo tour for a number of years now, and it's always great fun. Skolai Pass, in Wrangell - St. Elias National Park and Preserve, is simply one of the most scenic landscapes anywhere, bar none. There are few, if any, backcountry places that offer the array of incredible landscape scenes within a day's walk that Skolai Pass offers. The massive Russell Glacier, sweeping south towards the University Range, home to Mts Churchill and Bona, 15 and 16 000' peaks respectively is simply jaw dropping. Face east from Chitistone Pass, and stare forever toward the headwaters of the White River, running into nearby Canada, and Castle Mountain, a majestic view.


Walk north and stare at the entrance to the Nizina River, Frederick Mountain, Mt Regal and the Wrangell mountain range. Or venture westward into the well-known Chitistone Valley, home of the famous 'Goat Trail', a popular backpacking destination. Lastly, spend a few days exploring Hole in the Wall, a classic glacial formation dwarfed by towering peaks that must be seen to be believed. If big landscapes, I mean REALLY big landscapes, are your thing, Skolai Pass is the place for you to visit.


Wildlife? Though we don't run this as a wildlife tour, we've photographed Dall sheep, Woodland caribou (the only herd of Woodland Caribou in Alaska), marmot, arctic ground squirrel, red fox, grizzly bear, and an array of birds, from summertime shorebirds such as Semipalmated Plovers and Wandering Tattlers to songbirds of the tundra and the ever present ptarmigan; both white-tailed and Willow ptarmigan are fairly common here. We've also seen golden eagles and merlins, and with luck will maybe get some images of those species soon enough. Visit the Skolai Pass Photo tour page for details. Skolai is simply a great place to head, spend a week with your camera, and surprise yourself with some great photos.


Grizzly bear in Salmon stream, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Grizzly Bears in the Fall Photo tour .

There's simply no better time than the fall to photograph Katmai National Park's grizzly bears, and these 2 photo tours are a fantastic opportunity to come home with some great photos and an amazing experience. Click either of the images on this page for larger versions.


Coastal Brown Bears Photo Tour

This trip will be a wonderful expedition to the famous Katmai National Park coastal region of Hallo Bay, Geographic Harbor, Kukak Bay and the Alaska peninsula. Timed to catch the end of breeding season and the beginning of what we call 'Spring Cub Season' this photo tour puts in exactly the right places to photograph those gorgeously cute tiny brown bear cubs

against the magnificent Alaska Mountain Range backdrops. Late June should also catch nesting bald eagles. Primarily we'll be shooting bears against lush green grass backgrounds and splendid mountain backgrounds.


Grizzly Bears in the Fall Photo Tour

Katmai National Park and Preserve is the greatest place in the world to view and photograph these magnificent animals, and there's no better time than the fall to photograph them. The grizzly bears (known commonly as brown bears, or coastal brown bears) are in their prime during the great fall color; their bodies flush and fat with rich salmon from the summer, their coasts filling out for the long cold winter ahead, these bears fairly glow in the waning fall light.


You'll find all all the details for this trip here, or you can contact Carl for more information or to answer specific questions you might have.


Day Trips and Photo Excursions

Expeditions Alaska offer premium custom Alaska photo trips and day hikes in Wrangell - St. Elias National Park and Chugach State Park. The itinerary for these trips is flexible, tailored to your specific interest and adventure level.

Have a look at just a few of the options available.


More Photo Tours coming soon.

I'll be adding more photo tours soon, so stay tuned. Including one I'm thinking of offering will be a whitetail deer photo tour to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, for the late fall whitetail deer rut. That'll be a blast for anyone looking for some great whitetail deer photos. Other photo tours will be added soon, and if you have any interest in a private customized tour, please don't hesitate to contact me to inquire about it. Thank you.



Alaska Photo Tours Overview


Photo Tours Skolai Pass in Wrangell - St. Elias National Park, extraordinary scenics and landscape photos, Grizzlies in the Fall, Grizzly bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska. A wildlife photographers dream! The aurora borealis in interior Alaska. Coastal brown bears at Hallo Bay. Polar bears in October. Bald eagle photo tour in November.


Level Easy - moderate. Trip specific.


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Skolai Pass is $1900 ($2300 outfitted)


The grizzly bears photo tours are $2900 (outfitted).


The aurora borealis photo tour is offered for $2800.


Coastal brown bear photo tour $6995.


Polar bear photo tour is $8500.00.


Bald eagle photo tour is $2500, or $3900 for 2 weeks.


Day Trip Prices vary by the trip


2017 dates on the calendar!


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