MEET Kevin

Kevin Enriquez in a hammock in snow.
Kevin Enriquez

“I can perform magic on a WhisperLite.”

The Story

Scuba diving in Prince William Sound is what initially brought me to Alaska. As a scuba diving instructor in training looking to go back to university, Alaska Pacific University’s scientific diving program immediately caught my eye.

I excelled in my studies as a Marine Biologist and became a Biological Field Technician for local government employers, and I soon realized I enjoyed the extended periods of remote field work far greater than sitting in an office cubical analyzing data.

Taking a break from research, I began picking up small gigs as an Outdoor and Environmental Educator.

I was hooked!

The ability to share my passion for the outdoors and instill a sense of stewardship for the natural world seemed like a great middle-ground for the Scientist and Outdoor Professional in me.

I have worked as an Outdoor and Environmental Educator for multiple private, non-profit, native, and academic programs within Alaska.

In the summer and fall, I am a backpacking, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and packrafting instructor. In the winter, I am a cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, and snowboarding instructor. 

I am currently pursuing a life chasing after my passions of surfing, sea kayaking, and scuba diving whiling living off of a sailboat in the Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska.  

Kevin Enriquez at Icy Bay

Fixing to go for a paddle.

“Life is what happens while your off making grand plans for it.”

The Rundown


M.S. in Outdoor and Environmental Education at Alaska Pacific University. 
B.S. in Marine Biology with a minor in Environmental Science at Alaska Pacific University.
National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Instructor
Alaska Pacific University Adjunct Instructor – Introduction to Sea Kayaking, Expedition Leadership, and Yoga
Alpine Ski and Snowboarding Instructor at Hilltop Ski School in Anchorage, Alaska
Cross Country Ski Instructor at the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage


Wilderness First Responder
Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor 
Swift Water Rescue Technician 
PADI Rescue Diver

On Guiding

I think it is important to establish expectations and expeditions goals before hand. If you want me to make your food, clean your dishes, and carry most of the weight – awesome, just be up front about it.

If you want an opportunity to learn and grow in a new environment outside of your normal everyday life by actively being a member of an expedition, even better. I am a guide and outdoor educator, my job is to keep you as safe as possible and help you achieve your goals. What those goals may be are completely up to you. 

Favorite Trip

Sea kayaking in Icy Bay. This is by far one of my favorite locations to sea kayak in the state of Alaska. There are few things in the world that truly make a person understand their minuteness in the world, glaciers are one of such things. There is unparalleled beauty as you navigate through icebergs surrounded by three giants, the Guyot, Yahtse, and Tyndall Glaciers, with Mount Saint Elias as a backdrop. 

Mad Skills


In my youth I attended the Art Institute of San Francisco as a Culinary Arts major. I can perform magic on a WhisperLite. 

About Kevin ...

Carl Says

Kevin started guiding for me in 2018. Like most of the guides I’ve been fortunate to work with over the years, Kevin came to me at the referral of another guide and was a great fit for us.

Kevin backpacks, paddles, climbs and cooks as well as most, and we’ve had nothing but great feedback from trip guests he’s led in the field.

I’m stoked he’s around again after a short stint down south and look forward to learning what I can from Kevin. He brings a combination of mad panache and restrained, sound judgment to what we do, and I’m thankful for that.