Moose Photo Tour

    Bull Moose. Cow Moose. You. Your Camera.

    The fall is the best time of the year to photograph the Alaska moose, Alces alces, with the onset of the autumn rut, magnificent fall colors and the bull moose in the prime of his year. This location near Anchorage is one of Alaska’s great photograph locations that is largely undersung and not well promoted outside the state.

    That being the case, I’m not about to divulge where it is, exactly, but rest assured there are few places in the world that offer better opportunities to go out for the day and photograph moose.

    The hiking involved on this trip is not terribly difficult, but some walking is involved. It might require a mile or 2 hiking, most on an easy trail, though the hiking gets a bit harder once we leave the trail and hit the broken forest of the subalpine terrain. Moderate fitness level required.

    Price: $400.00 day, sunup – sundown.

    Gear required: warm, weather dependent clothing, layers, your camera gear.

    What’s included: lunch and transport from/to your hotel provided, photography field instruction and guide service.

    Dates: October/November.

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