Alaska Tours – Trips by Category

A listing of tours by type, and also order of intensity, easiest to most challenging Alaska Tours we run.

A trip in backcountry Alaska is probably going to be more difficult than what you’re used to. The terrain, more than mileage and elevation gain, makes the world of difference. I’ll repeat that:  “the terrain, more than mileage and elevation gain, makes the world of difference”. So don’t think about miles and feet gained/lost. That being the case, “trip ratings” are even more subjective than ever.

What one person finds challenging another might have no problem with at all. Walking over glacial moraine, for example, or talus, is something some people find easy and have no problem with, while other people really, really struggle with that. Keep that in mind when you’re considering any Alaska tours.

The other reason it’s difficult to set a rating like this is has to do with how customizable these trips are. A trip from Skolai Pass down the Goat Trail to Wolverine, for example, can be a 3 day mission, going hard, and walking directly from A to B. It can also be an 8 day exploration, with shorter days hiking, and more time spent dayhiking and exploring along the way. There are going to be different route options for virtually every hike we do, which makes it impossible to say “this hike is a 7”.

Remember, it’s Alaska; all Alaska Tours are somewhat more adventurous than you might expect! Most of these hikes can also be basecamps, rather than backpacking a loop or a point to point hike. So it’s not set in stone at all. With that caveat, I’ll organize the trips here in a couple of different ways, that might help you more easily find what you’re looking for.


Alaska Backpacking Tours & Trips


Backcountry Basecamp Tours


  1. Steamboat Hills
  2. Jarvis Plateau
  3. Skolai Pass
  4. Wolverine
  5. Iceberg Lake


Paddling Tours


  1. Packrafting Trips
  2. Sea kayaking Icy Bay
  3. Rafting in ANWR


Front Country Trips


  1. Aurora borealis photo
  2. Winter Ski/ Snowshoe trip
  3. Fall photo tour – coming soon
Alaska Tours - Rafting on the Upper Marsh Fork River, ANWR, Trip, Alaska.

Rafting on the Upper Marsh Fork River, in the Brooks Range, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR, Trip, Alaska.

Stuff To Remember?

How far is it/much time? This is why you want to talk to your guide before planning a tour. It’s not as simple as “this is a 4 day hike”. It might be a 4 day walk for me, a 5 day walk for someone else, a 3 day walk for my crazy friends, and a 7 day walk for someone else.

Our goal is to figure out what’s going to work out best for you; and consider both your ability/experience level and your interests/goals.

What’s strenuous? Hiking without trails is hard. Plan carefully, and don’t overdo your mileage. You’ll be surprised. A 5 mile day with no trail might be the toughest hike you’ve ever done.

Safety Fatigue is possibly the most biggest obstacle to safety. Accidents happen when we rush, when we’re tired and sore. So allow more time than you think you need.

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