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    Polar Bears of Alaska

    Alaska polar bear photography ebook cover image.

    Here it is! A free eBook (we’ll call it a (freeBook!) to download.

    I’ve been working on a book on polar bears, and this eBook is the first part of a larger work in progress. Here is a selection of polar bear photos (over 80), along with a couple of essays I’ve written on the great bear. Eventually, I’ll release a full-fledged, 250+ photo polar bear photography book.

    Thanks so much. I’d love to hear from you once you’ve had a chance to peruse the images and read through it. Let me know what you think!

    Take a look at some of the sample images below; click each of them to see a full size version. Then go ahead and sign up for the eBook.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. Adult male yawning.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. Polar Bear young playing, ANWR, Alaska.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. Polar Bear mother nursing cub, Alaska.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. Polar bear cub on the edge of Beaufort Sea.

    Alaska polar bear photo ebook. polar bear silhouetted sunrise.

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