What camera gear do I need?

October 1st, 2016 by dev-ops

There’s simply no way to answer this question on a one size fits all web page. What gear you need depends entirely on the type of your trip you’re looking for, the subjects you’re shooting, the time of year, and most importantly, what gear you have.

— The first thing I might suggest is a tripod. The camera, 2nd. I really think anyone interested in trying to make some really strong photos should work with a sturdy tripod and ballhead. Don’t skimp and carry some flimsy bendy little rig that you don’t like using. Get a good tripod and ballhead, and use it; always.

— There are so many great camera setups around today, I’m not going to begin trying to recommend one. Whether you shoot with an many thousand dollar Nikon D5 and a 600mm F4 lens, or you shoot with a smaller compact Sony RX 100 you can still make some great photos. Work with what you have and learn how to use your camera setup. You might be surprised how much you can do with that rig that you weren’t previously aware of.

— Your lens, if you use an switchable lens setup like a DSLR, are important. Obviously sharper and faster glass matters, to some degree. That’s why we invest in it. But it does NOT matter as much as your willingness to work and learn. Whether you have a 300m zoom lens or a 500mm f4 you can still shoot some great photos.

— Bring a good pack or carrying system. If you’re on a backcountry trip like the Skolai Pass Photo Tour, where you’re hiking a lot, you want to have your camera gear with you, not back in the tent at camp. So something that carries well, and is user-friendly. Accessible and durable and helps pad your gear somewhat.

— If it helps, my camera gear is a Nikon D4, D750 and a D500, and lenses from 14 – 500mm, 2 tripods, a cable release, filters and a whole lot of finger crossing.

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