How many days do we need for each trip?

October 1st, 2016 by dev-ops

This is the million dollar question!

Start with travel logistics.

Remember Expeditions Alaska handle most of your transport inside Alaska. That means we have 2 days travel time outside of your backcountry days. So a trip on the calendar for 8 days includes a day to travel from Anchorage to McCarthy, for example, and a day at the end of the trip for travel back to Anchorage. So we fly in to the backcountry and have 6 days. They are a few exceptions so read the logistics section of each trip page carefully.

Backpacking Trip Example

So how many days does it take to hike the Goat Trail, Skolai to Wolverine? Anywhere from 2 to 10, depending on your experience, interest, fitness, group size, and a host of other factors. Off trail travel means we’re not as concerned about a direct route from A to B, but are open to exploring all the side valleys and ridges and options along the way.

The routes are scheduled here based on what my experience shows me work best for the average backpacker. If you would like to hike the Seven Pass Route in 4 days, talk to me about it. Most folks like that trip over 6-8 days. Some might enjoy 10 days, There’s always plenty to see and do along the way so it really depends on how you would like to travel.

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