How much experience do I need?

October 1st, 2016 by dev-ops

I work with all levels of backpackers from the novice to the experienced trekker.

In planning trips you should be as honest as possible about your experience and confidence so trips can be organized accordingly.

If you’ve never carried a backpack before or camped in the wilderness, it takes longer to get used to than you think. However we can accommodate your experience by scheduling a trip that works best for you.

Basecamping and dayhiking is a great way to really explore an area and means less time spent carrying the weight of a full pack. Conversely those more experienced may wish to plan a trip that covers more miles, and crosses more difficult terrains, the exploratory trips are great for experienced hikers.

Regardless of your situation, the more preparation you put into your trip the more rewarding it will be.

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