ANWR Photos – 50 photos for 50 years.

November 23rd, 2010 by Carl D

If you have a nice, large computer screen and broadband connection, what I REALLY recommend you do is go to my page on Vimeo and click the ‘HD’ button underneath the thumbnail. You can watch and listen to this video in full HD resolution, at 720 x 1280. It’ll take a moment to load, but is (hopefully) well worth the time.

Hey Folks,

50 photos for 50 years!

Dec 6, 2010, marks the 50th anniversary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR. Over 19 million acres of wild lands, the refuge is a treasure, home to thousands of creatures and features; the caribou herds, the Brooks Mountains, the broad coastal plain, migratory birds and countless other gifts to this world. A beautiful landscape that warrants our respect, not our exploitation.

I hope you like this. These photos and this music is my simple tribute to this special place.  Happy Birthday ANWR – and cheers to many, many more.

For more ANWR photos, visit the ANWR Photo Gallery. If you’d be interested in joining us for an upcoming ANWR Rafting and hiking trip, visit this page.

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