Sea kayaking Icy Bay Video

February 18th, 2015 by Carl D
Screen shot of Icy Bay sea kayaking.
Icy Bay sea kayaking.

Hey Folks

How glassy is “glassy”? Here’s a short clip I put together of clips I made playing with a new GoPro last summer. It’s so different to shooting with a regular camera or video camera, there’s a lot to learn. But kinda fun, all the same.

Icy Bay isn’t always this glassy, but it’s unusual either. And it’s an absolutely amazing experience to go out on the water, among these countless icebergs, and just drift along on a kayak, or paddle gently up the fjords. Really, really great fun.

The tune I used here is “Dear Ellen”, by Shane Theriot, from his album, “Highway 90”. I met Shane years ago, when I was in college studying guitar. Shane was teaching there at the ripe young age of 21. He’s awesome. He left the school shortly after my studies ended, and has been playing and writing and producing music since then. He’s currently the guitar player for Hall & Oates, and just last week won a Grammy award. How awesome is that! If you’re interested, you can buy Highway 90 on iTunes.

There are quite a few articles on the site about Alaska Sea Kayaking trips, from types of trips, to gear, locations, safety and so on. Read up if you’re interested!

Enough from me; I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the video



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