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    Let's plan a custom trip for you.

    Rather than build a separate webpage for every single trip option available in Alaska, this page collates and explains some of the potential trips and possibilities for you. There are virtually endless options available. The more adventurous you are and the more your skill set matches your interest, the more creative we can get with putting something together for you. Read on.

    Trip Combinations

    Want to put your own trip together? Look over the options of trips on offer and inquire about a combination of options that appeal to you; rafting, sea kayaking, packrafting, photography, hiking and backpacking. One great option is a combination sea kayaking trip with a few days basecamping & dayhiking. Icy Bay and Iceberg Lake, or Icy Bay and a few days over at Samovar Hills.

    How about backpacking Hidden Creek with a packraft trip down the Lakina River (Class II – III+ water) to finish? One great adventure is the Malaspina Glacier trip, combining a multi-day backpack and glacier traverse, with packrafting and hiking the Lost Coast. This could be anywhere from 7 – 14 days, depending on the route and options.

    Another combination might be a 3-day packraft trip from the headwaters of the Alatna River to the Arrigetch Peaks, a quick walk to the peaks, then continue on downriver to our takeout.

    Another multi-sport trip might be a few days basecamped at Skolai Pass, followed by a backpack down the Goat Trail and a 2 day packraft trip down the Chitistone/Nizina Rivers. The options are endless, the logistics are open, and the adventure as big or as benign as you choose it to be.

    Give me a call @ +1-907-215-9102 to discuss what might work.

    Exploratory Treks Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

    Thompson Ridge and Juniper Island

    An exploratory route for this year; I’ve hiked part of this route a couple of times, but we’re planning on doing the whole section this coming summer. Packrafts in hand, we’ll hike west to east, along the coast of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. We’ll have (weather permitting) great views of the mighty St. Elias Mountain Range nearby, without the task of constantly climbing and descending; on one hand, it’ll be easy, with no elevation loss/gain. On the other, it’s one of the least visited areas of the park, indeed of Alaska, and we’ll have numerous opportunities to explore this little traveled region. Expect this trip to be simply dripping with solitude.

    Samovar Hills & the Malaspina Glacier Traverse

    Have you ever wanted to hike across the largest piedmont glacier (meaning the glacier’s terminus is on land) in the world? In 2012 we walked from the St. Elias Mountain Range across the Malaspina Glacier to the Alaska coast at Yakutat Bay. The Malaspina Glacier, generally regarded by geologists to be a piedmont glacier, actually reaches the Pacific Ocean. Some friends and I confirmed this on a month long expedition in Nov 2011.

    Capital Mountain

    This is a great area for beginners to intermediate hikers. The broad open expanse of the tundra on Capital Mountain offers big views – huge views, even. The walking here is mostly brush free, easier than much of the steeper mountains to the south, but with views second to none. Capital Mountain lies immediately north of 16 237′ Mt. Sanford.

    Wildlife are present, though not usually in great numbers. Moose and bears most likely, and possibly mountain goats as well.

    Looking for a simple, easy trip to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve? The Capital mountain hike could be what you’re looking for. We fly in from Glennallen, which saves the long drive to McCarthy. A short flight drops us on the north side of Capital Mountain. From there we can basecamp and dayhike, or do a traverse around the mountain. This is a good option for a 4 or 5 day easy walk, with plenty of exploratory side hikes along the way. Caribou, moose, bear and wolves live in the area, as do Dall sheep.

    Gates of the Arctic National Park

    “The Gates”, on the Koyukuk River: A 2nd trip option we’ll consider at a later date is a return to the Gates themselves, on the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River. The Gates area is a little more accessible, though still a fly-in trip. This a great area for a week long hike in the Brooks Mountains. These 2 trips both fly in from the Dalton Highway at Coldfoot. Either of the trips can be a “point to point” trip, or a loop hike, or a basecamp and day hike trip. Either can be combined with a packraft adventure for the ultimate artic travel.

    1 week to 2 weeks is good, and timing is really pretty flexible in Gates of the Arctic, but before the end of August is recommended; old man winter comes early up north!

    Denali State Park

    A great place for a hike. Kesugi Ridge-Curry Ridge offers a nice trail system, and is a perfect option for someone looking for an easier walk, or a good introductory Alaska backpacking trip. Send us an inquiry if you think you might like to consider this. 

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