Backpacking Gear Check List

December 10th, 2016 by Carl D

Here’s a very simple gear check list. Email me if you have any specific gear/food questions. Try not to overpack but don’t short change yourself on essential items like raingear, tent, backpack, boots, sleeping bag, etc. Temperatures can be below freezing with rainy and even snowy weather.

Remember Once we leave Anchorage (or Fairbanks), there are usually NO options for purchasing gear, supplies, food, etc. Anchorage has a great REI and several other gear stores, groceries, etc. The best option is to bring as much as you can with and only use Anchorage for forgotten and last minute items.

Expeditions Alaska will supply bear resistant food canisters, fuel (white gas/coleman fuel, or isobutane mix) and water filter system, First Aid Kit and maps. I highly recommend bringing your own “boo boo kit” – a basic first aid supplies, like sunscreen, blister kit, bandaids, ibuprofen/aleve, etc). We can, if you need, provide tents and food as well. Let me know if you have any specific gear requirements. We’re always glad to work to accommodate them.

I also recommend you see this post for my gear list for more information.

Camping Gear

Tent, w/ groundcloth
Sleeping Bag (20degF min)
Backpack – w/ rain cover
Trekking poles – (Provided if necessary, highly recommended*)
Sleeping pad
Plastic garbage bags
Eating utensils
bowl, mug
Water bottles


Stove (check with Carl)
Cook set (check with Carl)
Fuel bottle (check with Carl)
A couple of gallon sized zip lock bags
Flashlight/headlamp (if before mid-Aug)


Long underwear (wicking, top & bottom)
Long sleeve nylon shirt
Nylon Pants
Fleece Jacket
Additional thermal layer
Rain shell – Pants and Jacket
Wool or fleece gloves
Hat – Cap and 1 Fleece
Wool socks & liners
Backpacking Boots
Stuff Sacks
Sandals/Camp Shoes
River shoes MUST be closed toe shoes


Head Net/mosquito Repellent

Personal Items

Toiletry items – Toothbrush, toothpaste, Floss,
Toilet paper
Biodegradable soap, etc

Small first aid supplies

Blister stuff (mole foam second skin, etc)
Ibuprofen tablets
Lip balm


Small bath towel (2′ long)
Book/Reading material
Camera & Film/memory cards

Mandatory items

20˚F, or lower, sleeping bag
Waterproof-breathable rain jacket and pants
Pack rain cover
Fleece jacket (min. 200 wt) or (even better) down/synthetic fill jacket
Sleeping pad
Closed-toe river crossing shoes

Do NOT Bring

Trash bag as rain gear or pack cover
Flip flops for river shoes
35˚F or higher rated sleeping bag

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