Itinerary caveats

December 8th, 2016 by Carl D

I put trip itineraries online here to give visitors a more detailed look at some of our trips and what options they include.

I can’t over-emphasize that each is simply an example.

What I work hardest on is tailoring trips to the specific interests and abilities and experience of the people who hike with us. No 2 trips are the same. Where possible we don’t use the same campsites when we do a route and we often even vary the route when appropriate to do so.

I try to be flexible with how far we hike each day and how many days we spend in the backcountry. What time we get up in the morning, for example, is largely up to the trip participants (unless for some reason I feel we need to be up and on the trail by a particular time – this rarely happens).

Itineraries are somewhat fluid. As they should be. Weather, hiker experience and many other factors determine the actual trip.

So don’t expect the itinerary for a trip to match an outline of Day 1 we hike abc, Day 2 we hike xyz, etc, etc. It doesn’t (and in my opinion shouldn’t) work that way. The itineraries listed on this site are

a) to outline the travel time and logistics for you, and

b) attempt to help give you some sense of the route and how it goes.

But with wilderness trail-less backpacking routes, these kinds of structured itineraries are really not very useful.

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