Providing your own food – MXY trips

December 8th, 2016 by Carl D

If you’re providing your own food for the trip you need to understand how many meals you might expect to bring.

For McCarthy based trips you won’t eat any meals in the backcountry until lunchtime on Day 2.

A trip billed as a 12 day trip,  for example, would require you to pack 10 days worth of food plus extra food in case weather delays our pickup. It’s always wise to allow an extra day of food. All Expeditions Alaska trips to McCarthy, Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, unless specifically scheduled otherwise, will include a day travel to get to McCarthy, a day to return to Anchorage, and we fly out of the backcountry usually in the morning of the 2nd last day.

So for a trip scheduled, for example, Aug 1-12, you’ll need in your backpack

lunch and dinner on Aug 2

breakfast, lunch and dinner Aug 3-10

breakfast and maybe lunch of Aug 11

So I would suggest at least 10 full days food for your backpack.

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