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April 20th, 2021 by Carl D
Alaska northern lights photo tour
Photographing the northern lights, March, Alaska

Hey Folks,

We’re trying to get back into full swing. We’re scheduling our March Alaska northern lights photo tour for 2022. March is a fun time for the northern lights. It’s still “winter” in Alaska, and that means we have a good possibility of some nice wintery landscape foregrounds, long dark skies and fewer people. But it’s not mid-January, so the weather’s a bit warmer and life under the Alaska night time skies a little easier.

March is also the time of our vernal equinox, when day length and night length are approximately the same. For some reason, the equinoxes seem to yield the best northern lights activity. Nobody seems to know why this is so, just that it is so. it’s our favorite Alaska secret (that and smoked salmon). It’ll be an awesome aurora fest for the eyes.

I didn’t get to Fairbanks this spring, and I’m looking forward to returning in 2022 to photograph the northern lights. Wanna join me? We’re setting 2-3 weeks of dates, and it should be a good time for all. The auroral activity seems to be returning towards a peak, so hopefully the displays in Alaska will be excellent. This past month they were as good as ever. Next year hopefully even better.

If you’re new to photographing the northern lights, no problem. That’s what I’m for. I’ll help you with your knowledge and skills to make these photos. And if you don’t have it, this primer ebook is a great start for learning what it takes.

Download the ebook, gear up, make some plans and join us for a fun Alaska northern lights photo trip this coming spring.

And if you’d rather come in the Fall, for an entirely different context to photograph Alaska’s Northern Lights, look at this phototour in October.



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