Backpack the Malaspina Glacier

May 11th, 2021 by Carl D
The Lost Coast on our Malaspina Glacier trek

Hey Folks,

Super stoked to head back down to the Malaspina Glacier this fall. Rhane and myself are going to be leading this adventure. Sept 7 – 17. See the link above for details, it’s all there, but ….

This isn’t for the novice or out of shape hiker. While the hiking itself isn’t terribly difficult, you do have to haul a substantial weightload for this trip. We bring packrafts (we supply all the gear) so we can get on and ice off the ice easily, and for some of small river crossings we have to do once we get back off the glacier on the shore of the Lost Coast. That will add about 10-12 lbs to your load.

You also have to bring an insulated sleeping pad. A regular air-filled or foam pad won’t provide the the insulation you need. You CAN bring 2 pads, like a hard-cell foam pad such as a Z-rest and then a thermarest or similar on tops of that. But you need some insulation between yourself and the ice. Trust me.

We also want a bit warmer gear than you’d usually want for an Alaska Backpacking trip. A slightly heavier puffy, some gloves, etc, are a must. The ice is cold.

But it’s beautiful. And an amazing exploration of the largest piedmont glacier in North America to an area very, very few people visit. I doubt anybody has been out on this glacier since the last time we did it. Think of this hike as combining a visit to Icy Bay, hiking the Lost Coast, and on top of that, a weeklong glacier travel adventure.

We’ll fly in a helicopter. We’ll camp on a glacier. We’ll explore some amazing landscapes. We’ll (hopefully) get superb views of Mt. St. Elias. We’ll spend nearly 2 weeks in the wilderness and see nobody other than our own group. We’ll hike along the beach. We’ll look after you. We’ll look after each other.

This trip is one of my favorites. it’s not for everyone, but if you’re a solid hiker, and looking for an adventure like no other you’ll ever do, this is a great, great choice.

Give us a holler.



Aerial view of the Malaspina Glacier.


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