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March 21st, 2008 by Carl D

Sunset over Skolai pass, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Anyone out there looking for some good reading material? I thought I’d make a post that lists some books I’ve really enjoyed – I’ll add to it as I go, and would appreciate any visitors adding their favorites to the list. I’ll start with some great nature books:

Thoreau (of course): My favorite is “Walking”
Jack Turner: “The Abstract Wild”
Derrick Jensen: “Listening to the Land”
Paul Shepard: “Coming Home to the Pleistocene”
Jack London: “Call of the Wild” (I know, I know, it’s fiction, but wow, what great fiction!!!!)
Wendell Berry: “Another Turn of the Crank”
Doug Peacock: “The Grizzly Years”
Aldo Leopold: “A Sand County Almanac”
Bill McKibben: “The End of Nature”

That’s enough for starters – I’ll add more as they come to me!



3 Responses to “Book Lists”

  1. Hey Carl,

    I LOVE the rays of the sun in this pic. What’s amazed me is how you got the details in the shadow of the mountain to the left. Did you do any post processing on this pic or is it straight out of the camera :)? These are some really lovely pics.


  2. Hey Sai

    Thanks. Yeah, the light was pretty sweet. I was camped on this ridge, and was actually taking a nap one afternoon when I poked my head out the tent door to see if any light was peaking through. As soon as I saw this, I jumped up and started shooting.

    I did a little work, but not much. It’s a scan of a slide. I think I shot it on Velvia. I used a Graduated Neutral Density Filter t hole back the sky a bit, and maybe a Singh Ray Intensifier, which brought out the color a bit more. I don’t use that filter since I started shooting digital.



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