Mountains Piled Upon Mountains

December 18th, 2023 by Carl D

Hey Folks

We got a new one coming soon. Real soon. This one you’ll LOVE.

Keep your eyes posted Alaska-ward and we’ll have details on the site before too long.

Happiest Holidays and all the best to you and yours for the coming year.


Everyone at EA

The Mountains

A jumble of mountains.

A jumble of mountains, piled upon another jumble of mountains.

More mountains.

This sheer mountain face will endure in your minds eye.

So close you can touch it.

You can touch it.

Touch it.

So touch it.

Feel it. 

Absorb this mountain.

Bring it into your body and carry it with you.

What is it about a mountain face that is so powerfully enduring?

Walk across the tundra beneath the nearby, watchful face of one of America’s largest mountains. You’ll understand what it is to be watched. To be seen. To feel a connection to the primordial that comes in a true wilderness expedition.

Nobody comes here. 

There are no trails.

There are mountains. Tundra. Streams and glaciers, rivers and ponds and a wild openness that goes on seemingly forever.

Bears walk here. As do caribou. Wolves pursue the Dall sheep up toward the mountain crags Moose browse the tallest willow tips of the broad glacial river valleys.

A rich tapestry of wild. 

Bring yourself.

Bring your best.

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