Photography Tips – Less is More

December 10th, 2021 by Carl D

Camera gear isn’t always your friend

A polar bear in Beaufort Sea, ANWR, Alaska.
Polar Bear Portrait

Hey Folks

We all know this saying, but most of us rarely apply it.

When it comes to camera gear, most of us have WAY too much. I know I do. But I’m trying to shoot with less gear and more consideration to what I want the image to be.

Often I’ll bring one lens on an outing and shoot with that. Or not shoot and simply observe.

I’ll have my gear in the bag at camp, or back at the hotel, for sure. But when I saddle up and walk out looking to shoot? I want to spend less energy (mental and physical) worrying about gear choices and more focus on putting an image together. The fewer things I have to concern myself with the freer my mind is to be creative.

I so often see people spending so much of their mental energy on what gear to bring, how to pack it, what goes with what, etc, etc it is staggering. And not surprising when their photography doesn’t reflect their aspiration.

Trim your gear down.

And the results are almost always better.




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