Specialize And Narrow Your Focus

November 9th, 2021 by Carl D

Focus Your Photography

A bull moose in DenalI National Park, on tundra in rich fall colors.
A bull moose and fall colors, DenalI National Park.

Hey Folks

Pick a subject, and work it. A shotgun approach to a trip of trying to shoot lots of different subjects is more likely to just yield a bunch of mediocre images.

Spend time with your subject. The best images typically will take time. Give yourself that opportunity to really make something special happen.

It’s nice to come home with lots of different images of lots of different things, but it’s really nice to come home with really strong images. In my experience that works better when we focus on a subject and work it. Work it some more. And continue to narrow that idea down.

Less really is more.




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